Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Eduardo Araújo Leader of Strategic Projects

    For the past decade, I have overseen the cultural affairs and activities strategy for the City of Knowledge public; since 2014 as Communications Vice President. I specialized in cultural management at the University of Barcelona and I have led editorial projects, exhibits, and documentaries. I promoted the Cluster of Creative Industries of the Panama Chamber of Commerce.

  • Customer Service Manager

    I understand the customer's perspective to build an authentic and loyal relationship. You can learn everything with the right attitude. I am a serial entrepreneur. I participated in the startup acceleration process and this allowed me to understand this community's impact. My parents are from Hong Kong and I have three siblings. I love sports and my dog's name is Johnny Rumba

  • Carlos Rodríguez Gerente de Desarrollo Organizacional y Mejora Continua

    I lead and manage the Organizational Development strategy at the FCdS. My greatest strength is my capacity to establish and sustain interpersonal relations. I am part of a wonderful team that develops my best qualities, that is my greatest achievement and I am lucky to have great teams at the Foundation and in my family. You feel right at home from day one.

  • Inés Coba Especialista de Gestión y Adquisición de Talentos

    My job is to develop the abilities and superpowers that the Foundation's colleagues possess through the Training and Development Plan. I play soccer for the FCdS in tournaments held in-house and externally. From day one, I was impressed by the trust and comradeship among colleagues. I feel proud and blessed for the opportunity of being a part of the FCdS!

  • Massiel Ábrego Especialista de Mejora Continua

    I lead process management and propose improvements. There is a world of possibilities at the City of Knowledge! You can make an impact because new ideas are always welcome. One of my greatest interests is the well-being of all the species that live with us on this beautiful planet.

  • Sahid Rivas Organizational Development Specialist

    I have the unique duty of finding the best talent to join the team at the FCdS. I am a simple and transparent person. I am passionate about sports and I enjoy running! I am a volunteer at an NGO called SGI which holds activities to promote peace, culture, and education. The FCdS aligns with my life's mission to have a positive impact on society.

  • Itmareli Rodriguez Especialista de Cultura Organizacional

  • Liz Castillo Agente de Atención al Cliente

    I make sure to offer the best service to the customers we welcome in the Operations area, with creativity, patience, and good service. I am a successful person at work and in every goal I set for myself. I dream of being able to work in my field of civil engineering.

  • Irene Perurena Executive Vicepresident

    In my role as Executive Vice President, I make sure that all work teams at the Foundation cooperate in a manner that is aligned with our mission to be an innovative community that drives social change. I am a volunteer at the Panamanian Red Cross, and I belong to associations such as APEDE, and the first group of women of Executive Forum – Panama Chapter.

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