Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Raúl Adames Legal Counseling Director

    I have been a legal consultant for the City of Knowledge since 2005. I graduated from the University of Panama and I have two decades of experience in civil and labor law, contract management, notarizing, and legal and labor counseling. I have represented the City of Knowledge and Panama before the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

  • Vilma Falconett Public Relations Director

    I love my job of establishing partnerships that benefit the City of Knowledge Foundation. I am very organized with my work and I consider myself a fashionable grandmother who likes to spoil her grandchildren. One of my favorite anecdotes at the Foundation was offering and serving coffee to the now King of Belgium Filip Leopold Lodewijk during his visit to the CdS in 2009.

  • Eysel Chong Knowledge Management Manager

    I turn knowledge management into a means to translate the experience of the FCdS through value services. Since 2004, I have been surprised to see the diversity of topics and experiences in which I've had the opportunity to participate. I enjoy fresh country air and traveling around the country in search of contact with nature and our traditions.

  • Guillermo Castro Executive Advisor

  • Sandra Icaza Administrative Specialist

    I provide support to the Public Relations Directorate with my joy, creativity, and spark! It is great that everyone at the Foundation knows my name. A while ago, Mr. Ben chose me to represent Lady Mallet, founder of the Red Cross in Panama, for the celebration of her centennial. I had never been photographed that much before! I love working at CdS, it is the best job ever!

  • Dora Coronado Internal Auditor

    I provide an independent and objective auditing service. I am responsible and impartial.My family is my drive and my inspiration.

  • Darcy Bodden Executive Assistant

    I provide assistance to the Executive team. At the Foundation, I have been responsible for coordinating the Folkloric Dance Group along with their Director, with the support of the VP of Management and Finance. I've had the opportunity to meet people such as local and international presidents, Nobel prize laureates, singers, princes, and even an astronaut!

  • Nelly Angulo Legal Counseling Assistant

  • Vicky Ortega Legal Counseling Assistant

  • Jorge Arosemena Executive President

    Since its foundation, and for more than 20 years, I've had the honor of steering the ship of the City of Knowledge Foundation, along an extraordinary and professional team. Before starting this project, I was a public official at the Panamanian Institute of Tourism, the Presidency, and the Ministry of Education.

  • Rachelle Arrocha Administrative Assistant

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