Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Myriam Calvo Directora de Planificación y Desarrollo Urbano

    I lead the urban planning of the City of Knowledge, balancing the organized development of new buildings and spaces at the campus while preserving the main historic compounds. I previously worked at the Interoceanic Region Authority and I have professional experience in managing in-house companies.

  • Teresa Ospino Gerente de Arquitectura

    I coordinate construction projects to improve real estate at CdS. I have a Master's Degree in Construction Project Management. I also studied music and I used to belong to Youth Orchestras. When I was interviewed to work at the Foundation, they guaranteed that I would not get bored because I would always have new projects, and that has been the case.

  • Especialista de Trámites de Clientes

    I provide information about infrastructures, projects, and blueprints of the campus. I am creative, organized, and I like to give good customer service. I have two dogs, Ginger and Crunchie. FCdS City is a beautiful place to work, it is an environment that is different from other places and it is easy to relate to its nature and people.

  • Mabely Cedeño Especialista de Sostenibilidad

    I manage the Recyclable Solid Waste Comprehensive Management System. I see myself as an open, critical, flexible, practical, honest, independent, and reasonable person. One of my main achievements at the Foundation was being part of the team that implemented a good waste management culture among our FCdS peers.

  • Architect

    I am the illustrator of people's dreams, and I turn paper into concrete, glass, and colors. I am an architect who is creative, curious, passionate, and honest. I started at the Foundation doing an internship for college but when my internship ended they offered me the opportunity to officially join the Architecture and Urban Planning team.

  • Alejandro Mezquita Architect

  • Elvis Ortega Racines Ingeniero Civil

  • Gabriela Pérez Architect

  • Kenia Rodriguez Architect

  • Marjoury Casís Architect

    I am determined, detail-oriented, and innovative. One of my favorite hobbies is to paint murals for children and adults. I have a dog who has been with me for almost 11 years, she is my greatest love! I love to learn and know more about innovation. I had only been here for a short time when I was invited to play soccer for one of the Foundation's teams. It was fun!

  • Isabel Santos Architect

  • Joseph Nash Architect

  • Yetsibel Reyes Especialista de Trámites de Proyectos

    I am in charge of conducting the administrative process of the projects in the Architecture and Urban Planning area. Working at the Foundation has helped me learn thousands of things. I am excited and proud of knowing that the FCdS is a place known as a space where different organizations converge, and I hope that one day this model is emulated in other parts of our country.

  • Melida Valderrama Ingeniero Civil

  • Nathalia Bohorquez Intern

  • Veronica Quiel Intern

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