Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Rodrigo Celis Vice President of Operations

    As Vice President of Operations, I make sure that the campus functions smoothly for everyone. Before joining the City of Knowledge, I was part of the team that created the COPA Airlines loyalty program. I had the opportunity to study at the IE Business School. In addition, I was captain of the first rowing team that represented Panama in an international competition.

  • Eduardo Sarmiento Technology Manager

    I understand and anticipate the technological needs of CdS. I build teams based on trust and passion for what I do. From sporting teams with accomplishments nationwide and internationally, to professional teams that have achieved recognition within and outside the Foundation. I once coordinated the visit of a US President to CdS with the Secret Service!

  • Osvaldo Valdés Field Operations Manager

  • Roberto Caballero Maintenance Manager

    I am in charge of managing campus maintenance. I am known for being very punctual. I won third place in an international swimming competition in the Dominican Republic. One of my greatest accomplishments at the City of Knowledge Foundation has been to provide follow-up for the supply and installation of the first magnetic cooler in Panama, installed in building 253 of the CdS

  • Armando Sánchez Operational Sustainability Coordinator

    I work with electromechanical systems, machinery, vehicles, and industrial equipment of CdS. I am analytical, patient, methodical, and joyful. I enjoy organizing the Panama Jazz Festival. Even though it is extremely exhausting, the rapport with the public, the logistics, the artists, and the organization make this an exceptional experience.

  • Carlos Fossatti Maintenance Supervisor

  • Danilo Reyes Maintenance Engineer

    I am in charge of planning and supervising the preventive and corrective maintenance of the buildings and the CdS campus. I am happy and committed, I do not give up easily. Representing Operations in the Innovation Challenge was a great challenge since I had never presented anything of that sort. Despite the nerves, in the end the result was better than I had expected.

  • Diego Zuniga Technological Equipment Specialist

    I search for the best technical solutions that can help us increase our productivity at the Foundation. I am a person who is committed to his objectives and one of the most important ones I have fulfilled has been to program the video surveillance system at the City of Knowledge Foundation. Here, I was also able to meet boxing legend Roberto Duran!

  • Irving Núñez Operations Supervisor

    I am an Operations Supervisor and I take care of the green spaces and buildings of CdS, offering the best service to customers and colleagues. I have been working at CdS since before the Foundation existed. Once, we were working when suddenly, some coatimundi started chasing us. We dropped our tools, went to get the boss, and when we came back they chased the three of us!

  • Jorge Batista Head of Air Conditioning Systems

    I lead the Refrigeration team, teaching everything I have learned in my 30 years of experience. I was able to achieve energy savings of almost $700,000 by implementing adjustments to the operation of the system. I believe that we are all born with the potential to become heroes and our pets are able to see that. I have three dogs that make me feel that way with their love.

  • José Caicedo Maintenance Supervisor

    My job is somewhat complicated, it is a little bit of everything. My strong suit is structures and roofs. I strive to be collaborative and offer all my knowledge to whoever requests it. I also aim to accomplish all the goals I set for myself every day, both inside and outside the FCdS. I enjoy bowling and spending time with my family.

  • Rogelio Guardia Security Specialist

    I provide security for the campus along with my team. It was challenging to memorize all the spaces in this City, its buildings, camera poles, street names, and companies. Learning from this and other challenges I've faced is what I like most about working here. I like watching TV and listening to music. I look forward to the end of year holidays to spend them with my family.

  • Roland Ríos Support Technician and Communications Systems

    I am an Audiovisual Support Technician. I am an efficient and cooperative colleague. Something I enjoyed very much in my experience at the FCdS was being part of the sound team for the Danilo Perez Foundation Percussion Festival when I participated in the Technician course.

  • Dayra Ramos EHS Specialist

  • Isaí Cruz Technical Operations Specialist

  • Sherly Bultrón Project Manager

    I am from Aguadulce and I love cats. In my spare time, I spay and feed homeless kittens. To date, I have spayed approximately 45 cats. I love to read and write, and I am a fan of Coldplay. I like to travel, and my birthday is on Halloween. FCdS is a place where I believe I can grow personally and professionally. I feel it is very similar to who I am.

  • Carlos Fuentes Audiovisual Technician

    I am in charge of all the video, audio, and lighting during events that take place at the City of Knowledge. I am very detail-oriented and thanks to that I have earned the appreciation of our customers. They are always very grateful about my service! I am very proud to have been a part of the team that made the sound arrangements for master Omar Alfano.

  • Dario Molina Driver

    My job is to provide transportation to customers, visitors, and campus employees. I am very detail oriented and I like to guide people when they need it. I also help at home by taking care of my mother. Thanks to my job, I have met people with a high academic level, and I was also able to travel to Colon by train for a team building activity of the Foundation.

  • Eduardo Pérez Support Technician and Communications Systems

  • Ildefonso Menacho Monitoring Technician

  • James Morris Support Technician

  • Jesús González Builder

  • Jessica Cedeño Technical Assistant

    I am in charge of providing follow-up to the payments and contracts at the Operations Vice presidency. My strengths are my punctuality and my positive attitude. I have been working at the Foundation for 10 years and that makes me very happy.

  • Julio Ramos Electric technician

    My job is to keep electrical assets working in optimal conditions. I am known for my loyalty, patience, respect, and cooperation. I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work at the Foundation and participate in volunteer work. Since before working here, I feel like I have always been connected to this place and its natural environment.

  • Kiara Concepción Technical Assistant

    In the Operations area and hand in hand with the Organizational Development team, I make sure that all our colleagues can receive training and have the necessary equipment to carry out their duties safely. I also motivate them to participate in the activities that FCdS organizes for its employees, impacting their work environment.

  • Michel Rodríguez Security and Monitoring Supervisor

    I am a Security Supervisor, in charge of checking private security operations and video surveillance of CdS. I am demanding and disciplined to offer the best service to our customers. Since the day I joined, on 1 July 2009, the FCdS has been an excellent place to work.

  • Rafael Riascos Plumber Technician

  • Ricardo Pérez Electric technician

    I am in charge of providing maintenance for the correct operation of the electrical equipment of CdS. Once, they called me to check a residence that had no power. When I arrived, I knew the main breaker had gone off and I restarted it. A girl who was about 10 years old told her mother that she could have done that too, and her mother and I started laughing.

  • Rosendo Ríos Builder

    My work deals with construction with a specialty in masonry and carpentry. I am known for being happy. A very important accomplishment for me was buying a home, something I achieved while working here at the FCdS. A fun anecdote was when I won my car. I had been saving but I got lucky in the lottery, I could not believe it!

  • Roxsibel Atencio Monitoring Technician

  • Valerio Rodríguez Electric technician

    I am in charge of the general maintenance of the campus. I am cooperative, patient, kind, and proactive. A great accomplishment for me was to finish my house. I got lost on the first day I came to the City of Knowledge. It is very big!

  • Alberto Cedeño General Services Technical Assistant

  • Alexis Bonilla Gardener

  • Anibal Muñoz Gardener

  • Antonio Concepción Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Antonio González General Services Technical Assistant

    I provide support for the general maintenance of the campus. I specialize in making netting. I am very charismatic, and I like to relieve others from their stress. My family inspires me to thrive. There is nothing my colleagues and I can’t do. Once we removed all the water and cleaned many buildings that were affected by flooding due to rain.

  • Armando Rangel Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Ascanio Quintana Security Agent

  • Brenda Pérez Driver

    I provide transportation to in-house public and visitors of CdS. I was the first woman to be hired in the Operations team. A great personal achievement has been to complete my degree as Technician in Educational Computer Science at age 47. I love that FCdS values all its employees. God is my passion and I am very grateful for everything he does in my life.

  • Edwin Hernández Gardener

    I am a Gardening Supervisor at the City of Knowledge.

  • Elieser Sevilla Security Agent

  • Fidelio Castro General Services Technician

    I work in the Maintenance team for the City of Knowledge Lodging Complex. The most important moments of my life have been the births of my three children. At one of the Foundation's Christmas parties, I ventured to sing karaoke for the first time and I liked it so much that now I take every opportunity to do it again!

  • Gonzalo Gomez Security Agent

    I provide security for the campus and its buildings and residences. There is something new every day at the City of Knowledge, from relocating a caiman to helping a lady change a tire. I love my family very much and I like to travel with them. I also like to play soccer. I am a Real Madrid fan!

  • Gustavo Córdoba General Services Technical Assistant

    My job is about providing technical support to the Maintenance team. I like to be available to collaborate with my colleagues. I have many stories about working here. I remember one time, when we were cleaning the lake at the City of Knowledge, I thought I saw an alligator and I was so scared I ran from the place!

  • Hilario Sánchez Welding Technician

    I am in charge of maintenance and repairs within the FCdS. I am proactive, and I like to be innovative with my job. Working at the FCdS is a great accomplishment for me. I feel I am among friends and I like the interaction with my colleagues and customers.

  • Irvin González Monitoring Technician

  • Jorge Rodríguez Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

    My job is to provide AC to different settings to make them more comfortable. Before, I didn't know what the Foundation did, but now I have discovered that it is a very different City that is full of technology everywhere. I am a Real Madrid fan! I like reading about technological breakthroughs in my field. One of my dreams is to visit the most important monuments in the world

  • José González Gardener

  • Josué Castillo Plumber Technician

    I am the plumber of these wonderful 120 hectares. I am sociable, extroverted, optimistic, and I am not afraid of expressing my opinions. I love being part of an organization that is fierce about knowledge, love, passion, and devoted to its purpose. I like motor sports, basketball, playing guitar, and spending time with family and friends.

  • Josue Ortiz Monitoring Technician

    I am in charge of guaranteeing the safety of colleagues, visitors, and infrastructure of the campus from the Operations Department. My family, my wife and daughter, are my biggest blessing. I am a fan of comics, video games, weight lifting, and tattoos. I am excited to work at an organization that is committed to having a good work environment!

  • Julián Bordones Storer

  • Leonardo Gaitán Gardener

  • Maikel Cano Monitoring Technician

    I work in the FCdS Security Department as a Surveillance Technician. I am in charge of surveilling people, sites, buildings, and homes, preventing illegal activities. I see myself as a proactive, determined, responsible, organized, and honest person. I like going to the movies, listening to music, and playing video games and baseball. My family is my passion.

  • Manuel Aparicio Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Milagro Romero Monitoring Technician

  • Noel Diaz Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

    I work as a Refrigeration Technician. I am a happy and responsible person. I dream about giving my family a nice house and for my children to go to college. I am a soccer fan and I also play it. Before working here, I had installed air conditioners at the campus and I always felt a good vibe at the Foundation. I am happy to be a part of the team.

  • Olmedo Santana Gardener

  • Peregrino Castrejo General Services Technician

    I am part of the Maintenance team at the CdS Lodging Complex. I do my job with determination and responsibility. One of my greatest accomplishments has been to finish the construction of my house.

  • Rainer Guardado Technician of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Ricardo Arosemena Operations Assistant

  • Richard Araúz General Services Technical Assistant

    I am part of the maintenance team and I specialize in paint and carpentry works that I conduct with my characteristic sense of punctuality. I am very happy about the rapport I have with my colleagues at the City of Knowledge Foundation.

  • Wilfredo Cosme General Services Technical Assistant

  • Alexis Quintero Gardener

  • Jorge Ortega Security Agent

  • Ricardo Justiniani Mechanical Operations Technician

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