Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Jonathan Díaz Business Director

    Leading the creation and implementation of the strategy to attract and gain the loyalty of the members is my key role as Business Manager. Before joining the City of Knowledge team, I was the director of Multinational Companies Headquarters at the Ministry of Commerce and Industries.

  • Alessandro Francolini Business Manager

    I bring in technology innovation companies. I am a member of the IEEE Computer Society since 2005. Practicing kayaking taught me discipline and give the extra mile because when you are getting weak in the middle of Gatun Lake, you must keep rowing! Here everyone can propose new ideas. I promoted and enjoyed the paternity leave offered by FCdS.

  • Alma Tejada Business Manager

  • David Aguilar Business Manager

  • Gabino Ayarza Business Promotion Manager

    I am in charge of strengthening foresight and innovation capabilities in my colleagues and networks of the Foundation. I am an analytical person when it comes to good decision making. I am proud of providing my support to spread knowledge about foresight and open innovation at the campus and nationwide to build a sustainable future.

  • Janelle Castrellón Business Promotion Manager

    At the Business Promotion area, I share my knowledge and work to reach more people every day. I am persistent, perfectionist, organized, and a multitasking specialist! I have balanced my professional life and my family running after two children while in heels. The FCdS and I have seen each other grow. I am proud of everything we have accomplished!

  • Sandy Mosquera Business Promotion Manager

    I am in charge of business promotion of the Science community in CdS. I am a persistent person and I move forward despite the obstacles I find in my path. I enjoy and am proud to work in an area that was formerly forbidden for Panamanians. I like reading and I identify myself with Ursula Iguaran for her capacity to be resilient in life.

  • Hannia De La Lastra Business Analyst

  • Nohely Medina Business Analyst

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