Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Alejandro Carbonell Innovation Center Director

  • Cristina Collazos Acelerator Program Manager

    I am in charge of searching for innovative projects, investment opportunities, and their validation process for the Startup Acceleration Program of the Innovation Center. I am passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship in Panama.

  • Dayra Navarro Operations Manager of the Innovation Center

  • Larú Linares Female Entrepreneurship Manager

    I provide support and search for opportunities for entrepreneurs, mainly women. I am a volunteer at children's homes. I always put myself in other people's shoes and people say I have a blind faith. My family is my drive. Thanks to my work, I have seen women open their businesses, win awards, make their first sale, and persevere with confidence because we believe in them.

  • Adyelis Tagles Female Entrepreneurship Specialist

    I coordinate activities and events. I also update the content of the web page and the virtual platform of the Canal de Empresarias. I have a good memory and the ability to solve different situations to achieve goals and objectives. At the FCdS, I got certified as PMD PRO and Innovative Coach and I apply this knowledge daily at work and in my personal life.

  • Mario Fernández Innovation Community Manager

    I help the community of entrepreneurs achieve their goals while having fun. I am always available to listen and help! As a volunteer for the FCdS, I climbed the Baru Volcano to clean one of its trails. Since I was a child, I was inspired by Oliver Atom from the Captain Tsubasa cartoon and that led me to launch 10Sokker, a community that is passionate about street soccer.

  • Roberto Broce Social Media Analyst

    I manage social media and organize events for the City of Knowledge Innovation Center. I am extremely adventurous. I have helped organize social protests in China and Australia that have been a resounding success and have helped change numerous aspects of their societies.

  • Monica Fernandez Acelerator Program Specialist

    I am creative and persistent, always with a smile. I graduated with honors as an Industrial Designer and I also have a Master in Business at the IE Business School. I worked as a consultant with large national clients such as the Panama Canal and Global Bank. I love nature and being outdoors. I am passionate about design, and its potential to transform lives.

  • Alexandra César Receptionist

    I am the first person the customer sees. I take care of the queries from our affiliates, internal, and external users. I like to be in the ocean, practice longboard surfing, and take pictures and videos. I dream of being a good art director and help promote culture in Panama and the region. I am a patient, tolerant, and supportive person. I have 2 cats, Luke and Leia.

  • Desilú Henríquez Receptionist

    I am hostess of the community of entrepreneurs of CdS. I am proud to be part of this project that drives many people to improve their lives. My son, Luan, inspires me to fulfill my dreams, one of them is to create my own undertaking. I like to play soccer, practice longboard, and spend time with my friends. I am a fan of astrology and I love contemplating the moon.

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