Our team

At the City of Knowledge, we believe our staff is the key to success of the services we offer, and we embrace it as one of our main strategies.

  • Juan Moreno CIDES Director

    Since its creation, I have led the International Center for Sustainable Development, which promotes knowledge management for sustainable development, integrating multiple disciplines. I have a bachelor's degree in Economics and I am a scholar of the theory of complexity, with an extensive background in the field of research and public administrat

  • Sandy Mosquera Project Manager

    I am in charge of business promotion of the Science community in CdS. I am a persistent person and I move forward despite the obstacles I find in my path. I enjoy and am proud to work in an area that was formerly forbidden for Panamanians. I like reading and I identify myself with Ursula Iguaran for her capacity to be resilient in life.

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