Be a member

City of Knowledge is a community that promotes social change, bringing together in one place the resources and capabilities that foster the generation of knowledge and its application to innovative solutions for society’s needs. In this section, you can read about the options and advantages of becoming a member and developing your operations on our campus.

City of Knowledge offers organizations that have their headquarters in its campus office spaces adapted to their needs, as well as other facilities and services such as classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, event halls, and a lodging complex.

It has a residential area with homes available to employees of the organizations that operate on campus. Those who teach, work, visit, or live at City of Knowledge can also enjoy its broad green areas and a sports and recreation complex.

The convergence of stakeholders from the business, academic, scientific, and creative sectors, together with NGOs and international organizations, favors innovation, collaboration, and the exchange of knowledge between the members of City of Knowledge and a wide network of local and global partners.

Organizations that fulfill certain requirements and carry out the Affiliation process have an additional advantage and enjoy tax and migration benefits granted to City of Knowledge through special legislation for promoting research, innovation, and the exchange of knowledge and technology.

City of Knowledge also includes commercial establishments and community services that range from restaurants to schools, which completes its comprehensive services, creating an ideal environment to train, work, live, enjoy leisure activities, and share with the community.