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Publicado el 05 de February de 2020

Mentoring Filmmakers

Fecha límite: 07 de February de 2020

Position: IFF Foundation Mentor Part Time (Maximum 30 weeks) Project: Latin American Cinema for Panama Central America and the Caribbean No. de Proyecto: ATN/ME 17604 -PN Type of contract: Consultancy  Contract Duration: Nine months (April 01 - December 15 ) 2020 Supervisor: Director of Operations IFF. Workplace: Nuestra Sra. De la Merced El Chorrillo, Panamá.
Mentoring Filmmakers II. Organizational Context
The International Film Festival Panama Foundation/ Fundación IFF Panamá (FIP) is a non-profit, non- governmental organization that works to strengthen Panama’s national film industry through the platform of the International Film Festival of Panama (IFF Panama). The mission of the FIP is to expand cinema as a tool for educational, economic, and social development. FIP generates changes that impact society and establishes Panama as an epicenter of cinema in the Latin American Region. FIP believes that filmmaking is the most powerful, artistic, technical and influential manifestation of recent times, and that cinema, when developed for good, changes societies, countries and lives. Living and experiencing cinema that speaks a common language, reflects the diversity of cultural rituals and traditions, identifies and validates the uniqueness of people, in all of their personal existence. By strengthening the mechanisms that allow us to see ourselves through the framework of a moving image, our identity and self- esteem are inevitably empowered.
TERMS OF REFERENCE ATN / ME 17604 -PN: CINE LATINOAMERICANO DE PANAMÁ, CENTRO AMÉRICA Y EL CARIBE Mentoring Filmmakers III. Objective of the Position and Brief Description of the Project Under the supervision, guidance and advice of the Executive Director, Director of Operations and the Project Manager, the mentor filmmaker will aim to work on the preparation that involves the implementation of an established Project Based Learning (PBL) methodology that will be put into practice during the timeframe of one school year to enhance the existing curriculum in two fourth grade classrooms, of one targeted public schools serving at-risk students in Panama City, in the Republic of Panama. This instructional methodology employed by the American Latino Film Institute’s Youth Cinema Project (YCP - https://youthcinemaproject.org) has been proven to address the challenges of traditional educational pedagogy by creating a platform that uses the art of filmmaking to promote engaged collaborative learning between students, and the integration of curriculum standards across content areas. This initiative is made possible by the support of IDB - Lab and the Embassy of the United States, under the leadership and administration of the Foundation of the International Film Festival of Panama (FIP). The initiative aims to close the gap of educational inequity in the public-school system of Panama, and impact student learning by cultivating communication, collaboration, critical thinking, freedom of expression and creativity through the cinema. IV. Description of Position Details The FIP YCP Mentor teaches our filmmaking classes to students in 4th grade, using a provided YCP curriculum that guides students through the entire filmmaking process, and concludes with the creation of their own films. FIP - YCP mentors teach our 90-minute classes along with a fellow filmmaking mentor. Classes meet twice a week, during regular school hours, and last a full school year, according to the 2020 school calendar, approved by the Ministry of Education in Panama. Mentors must have a working knowledge of all areas of filmmaking, from pre-production to post-production (directing, camera, sound, editing, etc.). The first semester is focused solely on pre-production: creating an original idea, writing their stories, pitching, and breaking up into their production groups. The second semester’s focus is on production and postproduction. The training for film mentors will be imparted by industry professionals from the United States of America, who lead the Youth Cinema Project in the state of California. The Youth Cinema Project (YCP) is promoted by the
TERMS OF REFERENCE ATN / ME 17604 -PN: CINE LATINOAMERICANO DE PANAMÁ, CENTRO AMÉRICA Y EL CARIBE Mentoring Filmmakers Latino Film Institute. The training is planned for the second week of February 2020 through an English driven Bootcamp with a duration of 5 days. However, the students will receive the trainings in Spanish. The FIP Foundation will provide all the corresponding equipment and material for the implementation of the YCP methodology. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES a)
Timeliness with attendance to class, meetings, and responses to emails.
b) Attend the Bootcamp trainings and tentatively online training throughout the school year.
c) Berespectfulwithco-workers,schooladministrators,andstudents.
d) Tech-savy, general knowledge of camera and audio equipment, editing (DaVinci Resolve a plus)
e) Strongunderstandingofdifferentdepartmentsonset,includingknowledgeofgripandelectric
f) Commitment to the mission, the program, and open to learning new things.
g) Must provide a) Criminal record, b) 2 (two) work reference letters c) Copy of receipt of most recent income
statement or failing that of 2019 which must be delivered no later than March 31, 2020. (if you declare), d)
Copy of CSS tab or private insurance coverage. (if you have) e) Copy of ID.
h) Mentoring filmmakers must develop their services in accordance with the policies of the Code of Ethics,
Intellectual Property of the FIP Foundation.
V. Fee Payment: a) Payments are made monthly from April to December 2020.) b) Fees will be recognized for training days during Bootcamp, 5 days of training. c)
Education: Experience: Requirements and Knowledge
VI. Qualifications and requirements for Hiring a) Bachelor’s Degree, Film School, a plus. a) A minimum of 3 years working on set as producer/director/sound/camera. b) Experience in the transfer of knowledge with children - youth population. c) Experience working with population in a situation of vulnerability. a) Undergo background check b) Professional experience implementing training plans for the school-age population.
Others requirements: General Skills and Competences:
Mentoring Filmmakers c) Deep knowledge of the cultural patterns of Panamanian society, with emphasis on the area “El Chorillo”.
  1. d)  Experience in platform design and preparation of training tools and instruments.
  2. e)  Ability to work with a multidisciplinary team.
Availability of time during the contract period. Corporate Responsibility & Teamwork:
  • ●  Promotes the vision, mission, and strategic goals of the FIP Foundation.
  • ●  Teamwork and collaboration in their area of responsibility.
  • ●  Plan, prioritize and deliver tasks on time.
  • ●  Proven personal integrity based on displaying the values of honesty, respect and personal and professional ethics in practice.
  • ●  Possess high sensitivity and adaptability without personal prejudices regarding intercultural issues, gender, religion, race, nationality and age, being able to show in practice a high level of respect for diversity.
  • ●  Demonstrated ability in working synergies with multiple actors. Personal Skills
  • ●  Promotes a learning environment; It facilitates the development of individual and team skills.
  • ●  Knowledge about film management.
  • ●  Communication skills, including the ability to convey concepts and approaches aimed at the school-age population, both in presentation, writing and multimedia. Functional competences
  • ●  Excellent reasoning, communication, learning, relationship skills.
  • ●  Own and good level writing.
  • ●  Flexibility and proactivity.
  • ●  Ability to work in a team and also independently.
  • ●  Ability to perform a wide range of interrelated services in complex ways.
  • ●  Ability to plan and organize work, supervise and train support teams when necessary.
TERMS OF REFERENCE ATN / ME 17604 -PN: CINE LATINOAMERICANO DE PANAMÁ, CENTRO AMÉRICA Y EL CARIBE Mentoring Filmmakers Language: Perfect command of the language in Spanish and English ADDITIONAL INFORMATION.
  • ●  This consultancy is open only to Panamanian citizens.
  • ●  Applications received after this date will not be considered. February 7, 2020.
  • ●  Only the candidates selected for the interview will receive confirmation.
  • ●  Interested parties must submit their application no later than February 7, 2020.
  • ●  Candidates must attach professional resume, Sample of your film work, Letter of Intent, addressed to the FIP Foundation at the following email fabiola@iffpanama.org
  • ●  The FIP Foundation is committed to diversity within its staff in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority social groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All work applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality.
  • ●  The mentors work closely with the Executive Directorate and the Operations Directorate of the Foundation, and the Project Executing Unit.