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Publicado el 15 de Junio de 2022

Data Management Specialist

Fecha límite: 15 de Julio de 2022

Objective of the Role

The Data Management Specialist (DMS) is in charge of selecting and/or developing an operational and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software package that allows 12Tree farms to centralize the information of the operations, inventories, and production. Strategically this is an extremely critical role as it helps provide the business insights upon which key decisions are made by the farm management, asset management, sustainability, and portfolio management teams.

The DMS must collaborate closely with the Technical Services Manager (TSM), the 12Tree Operations Manager, and relevant farm management teams to develop a unified list of Key Performance Indicators and other relevant metrics that are uniformly collected and analyzed across projects. They are responsible to understand the idiosyncratic needs of each farm and tailor the list accordingly. They must develop this list but also maintain it, making regular adjustments as necessary to help the farms advance.

As the software is being put into place, the DMS aids the farms in collecting relevant data and organizing it in a logical manner so that it is accessible to farm managers, members of different departments within 12Tree (e.g. Sales Department, Sustainability Department, etc.), and other Technical Services Team (TST) specialists. The objective is to help all make informed decisions relevant to their interactions with the farms.

The DMS is part of the TST, and reports directly to the (TSM).  The DSM leads a sub-group of the TST composed of GIS specialists and together they form the Data and GIS Unit (DGU). The purpose of this setup is to guarantee that the outputs of the GIS specialists are usable and within the context of the larger data management program. The DMS must ensure the DGU is properly organized and communicate decisions directly to the TSM. They will communicate with the TSM regularly about the Project Prioritization Agenda. The TSM is still the direct supervisor of all TST members and will still work directly with the GIS specialists – particularly in human resource matters – but the DMS provides strategic and technical guidance to the DGU.


Specific Tasks & Responsibilities

Software selection, development, and implementation (initial phase only)

·         Understand the current state and needs of the data management initiatives on each farm via phone calls, document review, and site visits as possible.

·         Based on understanding gleaned from each farm, and on strategic discussions with the TSM, the Operations Manager, and other company executives, develop a list of KPIs and metrics to be collected, analyzed, and reported centrally. Additionally, identify any metrics that are particular to a specific farm or crop. These should include both operational and financial metrics and should cover all crops that 12Tree manages.

·         Work closely with the 12Tree Finance team to understand the software needs in terms of accounting and controlling on the farm level and the 12Tree central level.

·         Analyze current market options to meet the identified needs of the farms and compare this to the option of custom development of some or all of the needed software. Present options to the TSM and the Operations Manager with a recommendation of the best course of action. This presentation should include relevant functional and financial considerations of the potential options.

·         Once a software package is chosen, manage and oversee the implementation of the software on relevant farms. This will mean liaising between software providers or developers and farm management teams, as well as conducting necessary trainings with farm management and 12Tree central personnel.

·         Be fully accountable for the performance of the selected software. Own mistakes humbly and make plans for improvement with developers as needed.

·         If a custom-developed software is the selected option:

- Understand the capabilities of field personnel to use the software and work with developers to make the software as user friendly as necessary.

- Work with software developers in as many iterations as needed, though as few as possible, to tailor the general software to each projects’ needs.

- Run trials with all the farms that will eventually use the software to identify potential problems and relevance of the software and data being collected.

- Expected Timeline

- The expected time to complete the first step and launch it to selected farms is 6 months.

- Year 1 will be dedicated to an iterative process between the selected farms, the software developers, and the Data Management Specialist.

- Year 2 it is expected the software can be launched to the rest of 12Tree farms in a fully operational mode.

- Year 3 and on, the software could be promoted with external farms.


Data management program organization

·         Develop the Data Management Operational Methodology (OM)according to the requirements outlined in the document titled 12Tree Operational Methodology Core and according to the guidelines in the 12Tree Technical Services Team Standard Operating Procedures.

·         Present to the TSM research initiatives of particular interest to the DMS that are relevant to the strength and efficiency of the 12Tree data management program. Lead this research as agreed with the TSM.

·         Work together with the TSM, the Project Supervisors (PS) of relevant projects, and the 12Tree Operations Financial Controller to develop an annual budget for the software development or purchase and necessary updates.

·         Identify needs for software package updates or amendments and manage the update or amendment processes.

·         Be available to the individual farm management teams or 12Tree central teams to aid in the modification of the software or generation of new analyses or metrics to meet team needs. Prioritize such requests with the TSM and Operations Manager as necessary.

·         As 12Tree adds additional projects to its portfolio, work with the incoming farm management teams to incorporate them into the 12Tree data management program.

·         The DMS should train farm staff and 12Tree central employees, and audit implementation according to the guidelines in the 12Tree Technical Services Team Training and Audit Process.

Coordinating the DGU

- Work together with the TSM to develop and maintain the Project Priority Agenda for the DGU which prioritizes and organizes the individual and collaborative efforts of the GIS specialists towards the various 12Tree and non-12Tree projects. 

- Ensure that DGU members are able to adjust as necessary to changing structures, methods, and SOPs.

- Ensure that the GIS specialist’s work, such as their development of relevant OMs, fits well into the larger data management program and services the needs of the farm management teams as well as those of the other members of the TST.

Qualifications and Competencies


- Successful completion of BS or equivalent required, completion of MS, PhD or equivalent preferred. Studies should be focused in forestry, agriculture, agribusiness management, data management, software development or similar applicable fields, or be supplemented by sufficient industry experience.
- The DMS must have a thorough and proven understanding of the principles of data management and administration. They must understand statistical principles and at a minimum be able to conduct multiple regression analysis.
- The DMS must be familiar with modern databases and IT systems and how they work. They must be familiar with Stata, Python, R, or other relevant coding languages.
- The DMS must be able to offer insight on how to store and extract information from structured sets of geographic data.
- Experience in the forestry, agriculture, or agroforestry sectors with expertise in the respective countries of operation.
- Significant on-the-ground experience with crops and tree species managed by 12Tree.
- Understanding of regional culture and customs.
- Fluency in English and Spanish is required.



- Flexibility and willingness to travel up to 40% of the time.
- Interest in sustainability and environmental and social impact.
- Entrepreneurial thinking, initiative, and a sense of accountability.
- Ability to organize complex situations and reliably deliver on expectations.
- Ability to work well under stress. 

- Communications skills, ability to respectfully interact with people from different cultures and with different customs.
- Humility, respectful assertiveness, decisiveness, confidence, trustworthiness, adaptability, negotiation skills, and resilience.
- Ability to evaluate and solve complex problems. 


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