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Publicado el 30 de Abril de 2021

American Center Coordinator

Fecha límite: 10 de Mayo de 2021

Full-time: 40 hours/week (5 days week Tuesday to Saturday, 8 hours + 1 hour lunch/day; 10:00AM to 7:00PM) 


Directs and oversees all operations at the Panama American Center (PAC), an outreach, engagement, and innovative technology center that promotes cooperation between the United States and Panama. Designs and implements an annual strategic plan and works closely with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to develop and maintain a robust calendar of events at the PAC. Develops strong networks and partnerships with civil society, entrepreneurs, business and cultural leaders, and educators and students.  


1. Panama American Center Events and Activities 50% 

Implements an annual program plan that matches goals of the U.S. Embassy and the host institution, Fundación Ciudad del Saber.  

Designs, organizes and delivers innovative and substantive events and programs at the PAC, dependent upon expertise. 

Facilitates regular public events activities, tracking attendance, introducing speakers, and managing activity schedules and logistics.  

Maintains networks and partnerships with civil society and NGOs, entrepreneurs, business and cultural leaders, and educators and students. Works closely with networks and partnerships to incorporate PAC programs into schools, workshops, local government programs, etc. 

Coordinates social media and web presence with the Public Affairs Section and Ciudad del Saber to develop PAC branding and promote activities. 

2. Panama American Center Management: 30% 

Works closely with Public Affairs Section and Ciudad del Saber to implement policies and procedures for use and management of the space. Reviews PAC capabilities and develops new ways of optimizing advanced technology. 

Continually assesses policies, procedures, and programs and devises strategies for responsive and cost-effective services and outreach. 

Opens and closes the physical space to accommodate open public hours. 

Ensures accountability for equipment and materials in the PAC, including quarterly inventories. 

Develops and manages a team of volunteers and interns, including advertising, recruitment, training and responsibilities. 

Manages the PAC annual operating and programmatic budget, including periodic reviews, in coordination with Public Affairs Section and administrative Supervisor at Ciudad del Saber. 

Prepares weekly activity reports; a monthly report on visitor trends; and quarterly budget reports. 

3. Coordinating activities between the U.S. Embassy and Ciudad del Saber. 15% 

Serves as the primary liaison between the U.S. Embassy and Ciudad del Saber on public activities and events. Deconflicts scheduling, identifies opportunities for collaboration, and facilitates cross-promotion of events and activities.  

4. Other Duties as Assigned. 5% 


a. Education: Bachelor’s degree required.  

b. Prior Work Experience: Two years of progressively responsible experience in program management, outreach development and delivery, education and training, or communications and public relations.  

c. Language Proficiency: High-intermediate to advanced English skills; fluency in Spanish.  

d. Knowledge: Familiarity with U.S. and Panamanian history, politics, culture and society. Familiarity with emerging technology, program design and marketing/public relations.  

e. Skills and Abilities: Excellent customer, interpersonal, and cross cultural skills, including occasional public speaking. Ability to independently plan, organize, and carry out assigned responsibilities. Advanced knowledge of and ability to use technology, including but not limited to computer systems, audiovisual equipment, video conferencing, social media, and collaborative cloud platforms. Ability to prioritize work and incoming requests. Excellent written and oral communication skills. 


a. Supervision Received: Supervised by the Public Relations Director at Ciudad del Saber for administrative matters. Coordinates all planning and programming with the Emerging Voices Specialist at the U.S. Embassy.  

b. Available Guidelines: American Spaces guidance, policies, procedures, standards, etc., on-the-job training, guidance from U.S. Embassy and Fundación Ciudad del Saber staff.  

c. Time Required to Perform Full Range of Duties after Entry Into the Position: With the necessary qualifications and prior work experience as stated above, an incumbent should be able to carry out duties within six months of assuming the position.  

d. Work environment. Due to constant interaction with a demanding public and frequent deadlines with short notice, work can be demanding. A constantly changing environment requires continuous independent learning, and continual updating of skills. Includes occasional weekend and evening work. 

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