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Publicado el 09 de Marzo de 2023

Consultancy for the planning and execution of The 2023 Caribbean and Americas Pre-Hurricane Conference and Contingency Plan

Fecha límite: 23 de Marzo de 2023

Organizational Context

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) Americas Regional Office (ARO) supports 35 National Societies (NSs) providing coordination, financial and technical support for disaster operations and longer-term development programs. 

The Health, Disaster and Climate Crisis (HDCC) is the operations coordination structure. It comprises a Head of Department, a Continental Operations Coordinator and 2 Disaster Management Coordinators (DMCs) a. It also works closely with all the Cluster Delegations and  technical areas such as: Health; Livelihoods; Shelter; Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting (PMER); Communications; Information Management (IM); Surge; Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR); Partnerships & Resource Development (PRD); and International Disaster Response Law (IDRL). Additionally, D&C has staff dedicated to service support, finances and HR.

As part of its responsibilities, (HDCC) Department leads preparedness, monitoring and response activities prior and during the hurricane season. The Regional Contingency Plan and the Pre-Hurricane Conference are some of the tools developed to prepare hurricane prone National Societies for hurricane season. The planning processes includes information bulletins, clear roles and responsibilities of IFRC staff, a preparedness for response document, dashboards, rosters and other meetings and webinars with DMCs and several units and departments in the region and headquarters. 

To accomplish its objectives and goals, (HDCC) acknowledges the importance of working in coordination and cooperation with other actors and stakeholders to support its membership of national societies. (HDCC) participates in coordination meetings with CDEMA, CEPREDENAC, OCHA, REDLAC and other institutions operating in the same geographical area. In addition, there is constant communication and coordination with ICRC, Partner National Societies (PNSs) and other organizations. 

Job Purpose

This consultancy will plan and execute a virtual Pre-Hurricane Conference, offering engagement in the official languages of the Region (Spanish, French, and English), including project managing a multi-stakeholder process to arrive at an agreed upon methodology and moderation for the event. The consultancy will also project manage the development of the updated 2022 hurricane contingency plan to include special considerations for COVID-19 and lessons learned from recent operations. 

Job Duties and Responsibilities

Alignment to the Federation’s Objectives and Strategy

-  Ensuring effective international disaster management
-  Strengthen National Societies
-  Ensuring a strong IFRC

Project Objectives

Desired Outcomes

Project manage, plan, and execute

-  A virtual Pre-Hurricane Conference via a virtual platform (ex. Zoom) in May 17- 20. All the sessions will be simultaneously translated into Spanish, French, and English.
-  Updating of the 2022 IFRC Hurricane Contingency Plan.

Consultancy outputs

-  Conference methodology and program
-  Executed multi-stakeholder virtual conference
-  Post conference evaluation
-  Updated Hurricane Contingency Plan by 30June 2023
-  Provision of a post conference final report summarizing learning and key actions

Method of Delivery and Reasons for selecting that method

-  Become familiar with current regional hurricane contingency plan and conference content as well as lessons learned from recent hurricanes.

-  The consultancy will be carried through a series of approaches, including:

     -  Project managing an IFRC workgroup
     -  Project managing with technical consultant(s)

      -  Dynamic and interactive pre-hurricane meeting virtual sessions involving RCRC and external actors, including volunteers, PNS, and ICRC.

     -  Engagement of known adult learning and engagement methodology for online events
     -  Designing an online survey for participants
-  A steering committee team is established to manage and support the consultancy. It will comprise one representative from each of the following Country Cluster Delegations: English Caribbean, Latin Caribbean and Central America; two from Disaster and Crisis; one from Policy Knowledge and Strategy; and one from PIRAC. The consultant(s) will discuss the initial scope, workplan and practicalities with the steering committee, and the team will support the consultant(s) with the evaluation process and logistics, as required. The steering committee will also support and oversee the drafting, feedback and finalization of the final report. The final report and management response will be shared on the IFRC public website, in line with IFRC policy.

Support to be provided to the Consultant

-  Draft of pre-hurricane plan
-  Elaboration of concept note

Schedule for payment of fees

-  The start date of the consultancy will be April 1st. The consultant commits to support the relevant adjustments of the proposal if the proposal passes the next round.

Form of payment:
The payment will be 30% upon signing the contract and 70% upon delivery of the final product of the project formulated with its annexes.

Time Allocation, for Budget Purposes
8 weeks according to agreed calendar 


The consultant will be contracted by the Federation and the standard contractual terms will apply.
Agreed travel expenses will be reimbursed at cost in accordance with the Federation’s relevant regulations.


-  Professional knowledge of Disaster Risk Reduction Management or Disaster Management.


-  Minimum 10 years’ experience in project management and development of emergency and disaster management activities.
-  Experience in leadership and facilitating consultation processes remotely

Knowledge, Skills and Languages

-  Professional Knowledge of humanitarian and development contexts.
-  Knowledge of the Caribbean and Central American context, its situation with respect to the different hazards, and regional response.
-  Knowledge of the South American context, its situation and with respect to the different migration dynamics.
-  Knowledge of the mandates and roles of the actors involved.
-  Good work and communication skills


-  Oral expression skills in Spanish and English;
-  Ability to write in English

Terms and Conditions

The applicants should present:

-  A complete curriculum
-  Technical and economical proposal according to the Terms of Reference.


How to Apply:

Interested candidates, please apply on this link:



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