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Publicado el 28 de Julio de 2020

Overseas Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supplies/Services/Equipment

Fecha límite: 14 de Agosto de 2020


Overseas Request for Quotation (RFQ) for Supplies/Services/Equipment


Date: July 26, 2020


Peace Corps intends to offer a firm-fixed price contract for:

The purchase and installation of an emergency power plant with acoustic cabin, subject to the supplier deciding to confirm capacity by visiting our facilities by appointment.


Interested vendors should submit a quote for the services/supplies as described in this RFQ. 


Quotes are due by the following address by 4:00 p.m. on August 14, 2020.


Any questions regarding the RFQ may be addressed to the same person. No phone inquiries will be accepted. Offers received after the closing date will not be accepted.


Name: Raul Ramirez

Address: City of Knowledge



A.             Price/Period of Performance: 


Supplies or Equipment (Please complete the following table with the Unit Price and the Total Price)


Item                 001

Description     Electrical Plant

Qty                  1

Unit Price       



Item                 002

Description     Installation

Qty                  1

Unit Price       



Supplier Unit Quotes shall be a Firm Fixed-Price, and inclusive of any administrative or overhead costs.


B.    Statement of Work/Specifications


Equipment specifications

Supplier will provide one electrical plant to supply power to the office with the following references:


Office located within two floors, one of 1047.02m2 and the other one, 613.58m2; and has four electricity meters with the following monthly average data:


Electrical Meter
Active KWh
Reactive KVARh

Office has the following equipment which will require to have access to electric plant when power goes off: @50 computers/2 servers, entrance system and lights, 3 A/C splits, 5 refrigerators @10-19ft3, 2 microwaves, 4 coffee makers, 2 scanner stations, 4-1 printers, 2 copiers, 12 printers, Phone Central Unit, Surveillance system, etc.


Maintenance Service

The supplier will be responsible for the provision of all consumables (parts and toners)


Extended Warranties Offered by Supplier, if applicable please complete the following table with the Unit Price and the Total Price)


Item                 001

Description     Electrical Plant

Qty                  1

Unit Price       



C.    Location of Work

City of Knowledge


D.    Delivery Schedule


Delivery Date(s): 

Item                 001

Description     Electrical Plant

Date                No later than December 15. 2020

Payment         30 days upon acceptable invoice received


Delivery Location:

POC Name: Raúl Ramírez

Mailing Address: City of Knowledge

Phone Number: 317-3300


E.     Acceptance Criteria

Indicate how performance will be measured

-        Technical responsiveness

-        Full compliance to the minimum qualification requirement

-        Lowest price

-        Full acceptance of the Contract General Terms and Conditions


F.     Contract Terms and Conditions

-        Validity of the quotation must be at least 60 days.

-        Accept the Peace Corps the equipment and service contract template.


G.    Peace Corps Payment Schedule and Terms

Supplier will receive payment in approximately 30 days after equipment installation acceptance and receipt of valid/accurate invoice.


H.    Evaluation Factors:

Award will be made after consideration of the following factors as marked below:

_X__ Price

_X__ Delivery Timeframe

_X__ Payment Terms

_X__ Warranties

_X__ Past Performance/Reference Checks


The award will be made to the total quote that offers the best value in accordance with the above evaluation factors or may be made to the lowest priced quote.

Peace Corps/Panama intends to award two contracts to the responsible company submitting acceptable technical quotation: 1) one for the equipment itself, and 2) another one for the preventive and corrective maintenance service for a year with up to four potential options.


I.      Instructions to Vendors:

a.     Please read RFQ in its entirety including factors that will be considered in making award in Section H.

b.     Please provide three customer references to review past performance.

c.     Return completed RFQ by due date as follows:

1)     Fill in prices in Section A and in Section B (if applicable).

2)     Unless delivery date(s) are provided, provide delivery date(s) in Section D.

3)     List/state any other terms or items in Section J not requested in the RFQ that is believed would benefit Peace Corps and would improve consideration for selection.  These terms/items must not increase the prices quoted in Section A.

4)     Sign and return RFQ by required due date.


J.     Other Terms/Items Offered at No Additional Cost:








Name: _________________________ Position/Title: __________________________


Signature: ______________________ Date: _______________________________

Phone: ________________________  Email: _______________________________

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