YouTube video of APSE™ Applications by Engeenuity S.A.

The technology company Engeenuity S.A., located at the City of Knowledge International Technopark, proposes in a new YouTube video a brief and concise display of some of the possible applications of its technology APSE™ (Advanced Physical System Engineering), developed after many years of research with optical engineering and advanced biophotonics. Tests in laboratories and companies have validated its benefits in the quality and integrity of water and fresh food.

This innovative technology is based on light activated portable devices especially configured for each application, which emit infrared pulses and vibrations of very low intensity that influence biological systems with a natural and physical process, inhibiting the reproductive cycles of various microorganisms in food and regulating water parameters. APSE ™ Microbiostatic portable devices are activated by light, small and easy to use, economic, non-invasive and safe, without chemicals or toxics, and operate without electricity or batteries.

Engeenuity visualizes opportunities to apply APSE ™ in an environmental friendly way in other sectors such as health and wellness, energy efficiency and disease control.


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