Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

XVI Standard Flower Exposition: Hospitality between Forests and Seas

Last Friday, September 9, The Gardener Club “Las Gardenias” celebrated, at the Holiday Inn Hotel inside the City of Knowledge, the XVI Standard Flower Exposition: Hospitality between Forests and Seas.

The exposition, which counted with a great variety of plants and a stunning versatility in floral design, was divided into three parts.  One part was related to horticulture and titled “Refreshing dew” which showed a great number of plants that were rewarded according to merit.  Another focused on floral design titled “Promoting tourism with hospitality” which rewarded traditional and creative designs.  And also an educational section where people could learn more about the nutritional properties of basil, oregano, cinnamon, tomatoes, chili peppers and bananas. 

The exposition, which was conducted according to the norms of the National Garden Club, the association that controls all of the Garden Clubs, showed the creativity and the work of the Gardener Club “Las Gardenias”, a club dedicated to art and the practice related to the cultivation of gardens.

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