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WWF in its 50th anniversary

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world’s leading conservation organization with more than 5 million members, celebrated its 50th anniversary in April 2011.

WWF started as a small group of nature enthusiasts and now it has become one of the most respected independent conservationist organizations in the world with presence in more than 100 countries inside 5 continents.  The organization’s mission is to preserve the biological diversity of the world, guarantee the sustainable use of natural renewable resources, and promote reduction of pollution and excessive consumerism.

In Panama, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has been supporting public organizations and local NGO’s since the 1980’s to assure the protection of forests, the better use of this resource and the responsible consumption of timber and non timber products, developing tools to improve the effectiveness in the management of protected areas, reduce the incidental fishing of marine species, and many other actions that benefit conservation and local communities for a healthy Planet.  Since 2007, WWF has reinforced its support to national conservation programs from its offices located at building 235 inside the City of Knowledge. 

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