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Winners of the first GlobalizaT AEP contest

The City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP), the Inter-American Development Bank (BID) and the Venture Club Investment Network, an investment group created to support national dynamic and innovative entrepreneurships, have chosen the winners for the GlobalízaT 2011 business contest.

GlobalízaT sought to strengthen projects and innovative companies, established in Panama and with a high potential of growth, by offering them a chance to get investment and advice in order to compete globally. The program offered practical workshops during one month and four days in order to improve the diverse projects, development of their product or service, networking, consultancies in order to improve their Elevator Pitch for investors, pre selection on behalf of a jury made up of representatives from the Panamanian business sector, and coaching for the top 10 projects in order to present them to the Venture Club Investment Network of Panama.

The contest winners were:

CADtoWIN, company that offers connectivity between AutoCAD based applications with SharePoint technology.

Sierra Studios, company dedicated to the development of mobile applications and specialized in the development of Apps for Smart TVs.

DAQ-Sys Panamá, project that seeks to solve the inefficient consumption of electric energy by measuring electric variables in various points of interest, where you can access the information through a web application., free of charge service that allows people to save time and money when they need to contact, evaluate and select construction, remodeling, maintenance, cleaning and decoration companies for houses, apartments or businesses.

These 4 finalists join the previous 4 entrepreneurs that won the first version of the Competitive Leap Plan workshops, which are:

Maderas 3R, entrepreneurship that seeks to solve the thrash problem in our country as well as providing a second chance to such a valuable natural resource as wood; by recycling, reducing and re using it.

e-TOP, the preferred online shopping agent and facilitator by Internet users in Latin America and the Caribbean; it also provides solutions to businessmen who wish to enter the electronic commerce market.

Panama Gourmet, company dedicated to the production of healthy foods with gluten free flours made in Panama, without dairy, refined sugar, chemicals or artificial colorings.

Inversiones Ku Soto, S.A., company dedicated to the cultivation of agricultural products, such as the Jamaican yellow yam, for export in international markets.

Thanks to the initiative and support of the AEP, these 8 winners will travel to San Francisco (USA) in order to visit Silicon Valley, one of the most important entrepreneurship areas in the world.  Once there, and with the support of AEP and GlobalTech Bridge, Partner Company of the AEP, the entrepreneurs will have a tight work agenda that will involve events and conferences where they will capture potential clients, suppliers and even investors. This great initiative will open big doors in favor of the Panamanian entrepreneurship ecosystem with innovative global companies and projects that will represent our country abroad.



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