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Wiki Loves Monuments Panama 2012 Contest

The Technological University of Panama (UTP) with the International Center for Technological Development and Free Software (CIDETYS) invite you to participate in the competition Wiki Loves Monuments Panama 2012, sponsored by the City of Knowledge Foundation.

The contest, organized globally by the Wikimedia Foundation, which maintains the Wikipedia project, is based on taking pictures of historical monuments, archaeological sites and other real estate, which are testimony of the Panamanian memory and past, considered or not National Heritage.

The winning photos of the Panama edition will participate in the international contest Wiki Loves Monuments, representing a unique opportunity to promote the rich heritage of Panama.

Given the historical importance of the former Fort Clayton, where the City of Knowledge now stands, the organizers have included three of its most emblematic buildings in the list of monuments that can be photographed for the contest:  Building 104 (main building of the City Foundation of Knowledge Foundation), the Ateneo and the original home of the commander, that will soon become the Visitors Center.

On Thursday, July 26, at 10:00 a.m. a press conference at the UTP will take place in order to provide more information about the contest.

To access the contest rules, see the list of monuments that can be photographed and access news, go to:

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