Visit to ForestFinance Ecological Path in Chiriquí

Janelle Castrellón, Project Manager for the City of Knowledge Technopark, visited the ecological path of Los Monos farm, located at Las Lajas, Chiriquí, which is a property of ForestFinance Panamá.

The path, that goes through a reforested forest, a protection area and mangrove swamps, constitutes an attractive tour within a forest filled with endangered trees. The area where the path is located was used for extensive cattle raising and it’s now being recovered to create forests inhabited by timber trees such as oaks as well as various types of birds and animals.

ForestFinance has placed wooden stairs, safety measures for visitants and information signs regarding the characteristics and medicinal uses of the trees that are located along the path.  Besides, the company has reforested the mangrove swamps shores where they have decided to build another path so that students of various programs and people from all over the country get a chance to visit it.

ForestFinance is a German-Panamanian company, located at the City of Knowledge, that has been working in reforestation projects for investors, since 1995, with native trees in different regions of Panamá.  More than 2000 hectares have been converted from waste grounds to forests that offer a habitat for a great variety of wild animals and tropical plants.


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