Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

University-Industry bond presentation at the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge Foundation conducted a presentation as part of «The University-Industry bond and its relation to information systems”, on Tuesday, February 14, at the Training and Business Center inside the City ​​of Knowledge.

Ms. Joanna Aparicio, International Mobility Coordinator of the Technological University of Panama (UTP), talked about its successful IASTE Program (The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience). This exchange program is based on bringing undergraduate students, from the most prestigious universities in 85 countries around the world, to Panamanian companies who employ them for their projects and operations. At the same time they take care of sending Panamanian students to work abroad. The UTP is responsible for the students in Panama with a subsidy that pays their expenses for lodging, transportation and food, and its also responsible for generating the contact with the companies that define how many students they need to increase their workforce. The IASTE Program has more than 30 local partners, some of which are affiliates of the International Technopark of City of Knowledge.

Dr. Betty Ann Catsambanis, Vice Chancellor for Research and Graduate Studies at the University of Panama, spoke about its Research Results Transfer Office (OTRI). The OTRI mission is to interact with the productive sectors of Panama that are important to the country’s development. Its functions are based on identifying the potential of an investigation so that results can be marketed, identify the demands of the environment and coordinate actions that contribute to the development of their activities. Its areas of strength are related to the environment, technology, geophysics, health, education and fine arts, ICT, food security, tourism, animal health, air quality and more. The team is made up of professionals with a broad vision and they currently have an office inside the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP).

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