Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Tulane University President visits the City of Knowledge

On Thursday, October 4, the City of Knowledge Foundation Executive Director, Jorge Arosemena, received Tulane University President, Scott Cowen, at the Convention Center Digital Classroom.

President Scott Cowen, Dean of the Law School David Meyer and advisor Chris Dyba, had the opportunity to meet with Professor Jorge Arosemena and discuss the City of Knowledge project, along with its history, progress, achievements and academic programs operating from campus.

Mr. Cowen expressed his admiration for the growth of the City of Knowledge in the past decade when he last visited the campus. He also said that their schools have had some involvement with Latin America and especially with Panama, a country they admire because of its high economic growth.  Mr. Cowen stated Tulane University’s interest in creating a scholarship fund that would support Panamanian students that want to study in Tulane, and also students from Tulane that want to study in Panama.

After watching the City of Knowledge Foundation informative video, the President signed the distinguished guestbook and was presented with a copy of the book “The City of Knowledge: Building a Legacy”.

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