Training students of Special Education Career

With the presence of Professor Oria de Alvarado, Deputy Director of UDELAS Veraguas, and teachers of the Department of Special Education, another week of training was given by the OEI, through the Institute for Development and Educational Innovation of the UDELAS Veraguas, this time aimed at students of the career in Special Education.

From October 22nd to the 26th the Workshop/Seminar: The Basics are basic «Speak, Read and Write», was given to students of special education careers in order to teach them to acquire or develop basic skills to increase the likelihood of academic success, independently of whether they have special educational needs or a disabilities, while also strengthening their self-esteem and develop their full potential as human beings.

This action comes as an initiative for support of African descent schools and as a comprehensive response to diversity.

The OEI, always committed to Panamanian education, will continue to provide these training seminars that benefit the student population of Panama.

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