Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Towards a Sustainable City

Within the framework of the Celebration of the National Recycling Day this 17th of May, the City of Knowledge Foundation and the Social Action for Panama Foundation (FAS), make public notice of the signing of an agreement of cooperation for the creation of an Integrated Management Plan of Recyclable Solid Waste in the City of Knowledge.  This agreement is part of the Environmental Management System (SGA) contemplated in the Master Plan of Urban Development inside the City of Knowledge which is part of the Sustainability Policy that seeks to create a model urban city and management at a community level for the benefit of its users, visitors and residents, inside the City of Knowledge as well as in the adjacent communities.

The City of Knowledge Foundation, through its Infrastructure and Service Department, conducts studies to design an Integrated Management Plan of Recyclable Solid Waste as one of its Environmental Management System pillars. In this sense FAS, in its capacity as a nonprofit organization and with more than 16 years experience in the solid waste management, becomes a key member for the execution and success of such Plan.  With FAS experience, this initiative will be projected towards contributors and communities of influence, through the execution of programs aimed at a sustainable development.  FAS will be in charge of operating and managing this model as well as sensitizing the campus users about the proper way to separate and provide the garbage for its recollection which will be destined to diverse recycling centers.

FAS has started its operations inside building 216 in Clayton, known as the Recycling and Waste Management Center (CAM), which is next to the commercial area of the City of Knowledge.  Starting next August, FAS will take care of the recollection and transfer of the solid recyclable waste produced inside the campus to the CAM, where the classification, weighing, storage and commercializing of the wastes through the recycling centers will take place.

One of the City of Knowledge objectives is to become a sustainable city, where economic, academic and human development activities carried out by their affiliates, associates and users, is done in harmony with the environment.  

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