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“Tocando Madera” artists shine at the Ateneo

Tocando Madera Foundation, a great family of more than 40 Panamanian singer/songwriters, presented a historical and unique concert, with impeccable staging, of 12 of its most recognized components.

Javier Medina, Gonzalo Horna, Cienfue, Carlos Méndez, Priscila Moreno, Emilio Regueira, Alfredo Hidrovo, Iván Barrios, Alejandro Lagrotta, Lilo Sánchez, Karla Lamboglia and Rómulo Castro offered the best of themselves in a concert in which we could enjoy very basic musical arrangements, with guitar and voice, as well as more orchestrated pieces in which other recognized musicians joined in to accompany with guitar, bass, violin and cajón.

For the City of Knowledge Foundation it was a magnificent experience to have the opportunity of co-producing the concert along side Yigo Sugasti. This event marked the launch of an important album that gathers the work of four generations of Panamanian Singer/songwriters who have created some of the most important hits of our urban popular music.     

It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to offer our hospitality and the best technical and human resources of our Organization so that the artists could feel at home, and make sure that the experience of playing at the Ateneo was as memorable for them as it was for us and for the audience that attended such an amazing concert.

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