Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

To the beat of Salsa

On Friday, March 2, the City of Knowledge Ateneo witnessed the start of the World Music 2012 season with a keynote presentation by Roberto Delgado and his Orchestra.

Organized by Oscar Productions, the World Music concert series celebrated its first anniversary in the best way possible: with a party full of Latin rhythms from an orchestra that will soon be touring Europe with master Rubén Blades.

Roberto Delgado and his Orchestra, composed of excellent musicians on piano, congas, kettledrums, trumpets, bongos, trombone, bass and vocals, demonstrated the reason for such a prestigious career and fame. Their mission was to make the audience move to the beat of salsa, and their weapon the professionalism and expertise in the execution of such a beloved genre in Panama.

The concert began as a warm evening before becoming a celebration made possible by several artists who showed that in our country there is musical talent to spare. One more night the City of Knowledge Ateneo was caught by the magic of distinguished musicians who secured a great start to the World Music 2012 concert season.


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