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The Vertical Farm and Engeenuity: Providing Agriculture Solutions in Panama and the World

Panamanian companies Producción Agrícola, S.A and Engeenuity, S.A, based at the City of Knowledge, unite in a joint venture to develop the most innovative agriculture project of the 21st century: the Vertical Farm.

The Vertical Farm concept envisages the cultivation of plants within multistory buildings that function as large greenhouses and with hydroponic technology to grow plants. Some designs include the development of poultry on the lower floors.

Mr. David Proenza, CEO of Producción Agrícola, who possesses a vast experience in developing conceptual Vertical Farms will partner with the company Engeenuity S.A, based at the City of Knowledge International Technopark, which will provide innovative technology to support the project, in order to implement the first model of a Vertical Farm in the Republic of Panama. This project promises to have a positive impact in solving problems affecting the development of agriculture in the national and global level, among which are the extreme climate changes, microbial and parasitic diseases, insect pests and high production costs. The Vertical Farm Project will use strategies that can solve these problems by focusing on the controlled production of its plants through the use of innovative technology that provides protection to the environment in which plants grow, as well as provide protection against pests and diseases and keep low production costs. This will result in great benefits for producers and consumers, resulting in high food quality and fresh products, with nutritional content and free of chemical contamination.

This worthwhile project will undoubtedly bring great benefits to agricultural effort, by taking into account the current and future situation of the rising cost of oil and its derivatives pesticides, operational logistics problems and loss of sensory values, all factors which traditional agriculture is currently being subjected to. Besides the above mentioned, and because of the growing world population, fertile land for agricultural production are becoming urban developments with great urban migration of rural dwellers and farmers. This has resulted in future farming becoming a major challenge for governments, since they will face serious problems to secure food for their citizens. For these reasons, the development of Vertical Farms promises to be a viable solution for agriculture in Panama and in the rest of the globe.

Producción Agrícola is dedicated to the production, packaging and marketing of high quality agricultural products for export and domestic distribution. Due to the increasing magnitude of problems affecting traditional agriculture, Producción Agrícola embarked three years ago to find solutions to the problems of agricultural production in our country. Through consultation and training with universities, scientists, agronomists, equipment manufacturers and government units in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Producción Agrícola formed a highly trained team of Research and Development of Vertical Farms. The Research and Development Center of Vertical Farms was located in Panama and is currently the only research center of this magnitude in the Americas.

Engeenuity is the creator and developer of APSE™ technology, which can control and modify physicochemical parameters of water, making it a natural growth inhibitor of microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi and yeasts when applied in their environment. Furthermore, water treated with APSE ™ technology acquires beneficial qualities to the development of plants exposed to it. In the Vertical Farm Project water quality is extremely important, therefore Engeenuity will contribute with APSE™ technology to achieve greater efficiency in the growth and health of plants, implementing strategies to increase their production cycles and optimize nutrients.

Producción Agrícola and Engeenuity hope that this collaborative effort for the development of Vertical Farms in Panama will result in great benefits for both domestic and global agriculture, for all producers and consumers.

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