Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

The U.S. – Panama Business Council (USPA) visits the City of Knowledge

A delegation of 25 people from the U.S. – Panama Business Council (USPA), organization that seeks to promote the nation as an investment destination, visited the City of Knowledge on Thursday, July 26.

Engineer Ricardo Endara, Director of the International Technopark of Panama, developed a presentation about the City of Knowledge. During his presentation Mr. R. Endara presented the City of Knowledge Foundation institutional video and deepened on the origins, history, mission, components, work areas, and benefits to affiliated organizations that make up the City of Knowledge. He further explained the importance of the City of Knowledge in Panama and the region.

After the question and answer session the group toured the campus in order to get acquainted with the facilities.

The U.S.-Panama Business Council (USPA) was created to foster business opportunities and understanding between the two countries by strengthening the bonds of cooperation and creating Business opportunities for Business Leaders of both nations.

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