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The Science and Technology Minister of Israel visits the City of Knowledge

On Tuesday, August 7, the Science and Technology Minister of Israel, Daniel Herschkowitz, visited the City of Knowledge where Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, received him.

The Ambassador of Israel in Panama, H.E. Alexander Galilee, accompanied Minister Herschkowitz and his delegation throughout this visit. During the business meeting a presentation on the achievements and progress of the City of Knowledge project was presented.

The delegation enjoyed a tour of the campus, accompanied by the Director of the International Technopark of the City of Knowledge, Engineer Ricardo Endara, where they made a visit to Nano Dispersions Technology, an engineering company specializing in the manufacture and application of dispersions of particles in the nano size range. Its President, Gustavo A. Nunez, who gave a presentation of their projects and patents obtained from the City of Knowledge, attended them.

The visit generated great interest from the Israeli Embassy in Panama, who will explore the possibilities of developing partnerships so that the experience and knowledge of Israeli students, collaborators and scientists can be put into practice through internships in companies located inside the campus. The City of Knowledge continues to be a very important center for high-profile Institutions of Science and Technology from countries such as the State of Israel.

About Daniel Herschkowitz:

Rabbi Professor Daniel Hershkowitz is a Knesset Member and Minister of Science and Technology in the Government of Israel, as well as head of the «Habayit Hayehudi» (the Jewish Home). He got all his academic degrees (B.Sc, M.Sc and Ph.D, all in Mathematics) at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology. He is a full Professor in the Mathematics Department of the Technion, and since June 2006 he has been holding the Eugene & Marlene Shapiro Academic Chair in Mathematics at the Technion. Daniel Hershkowitz is an author of over 80 mathematical papers and has written numerous halachic and Jewish philosophical articles.

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