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The Road Show Panama 2012 at the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge Ateneo held, for the third consecutive year in Panama, The Road Show, an activity that seeks to reach the consciousness of boys and girls by making them understand the consequences of a traffic accident and the responsibility of driving a motor vehicle.

The Road Show is an event that had its beginning in Ireland and has toured Europe successfully all the way down to Panama. It is based on testimonies from dramatic traffic accidents shared by policemen, firemen, paramedics, disabled victims and mothers who have lost their children.

In Panama, in recent years, an average of 434 people have lost their lives in traffic accidents per year. Osiris Gratacós De Alvarado, president of the Road Safety Foundation of Panama confessed she was the victim of a traffic accident caused by a drunk driver who unfortunately died, as well as the passenger, and how she is still suffering the aftermath of that event which happened ten years ago.

Among the testimonies that were given these days, Rita Aponte de Dunkley, spoke of the loss of her son Gaspar Eduardo Dunkley, 26 years old, in a car accident in 1996, something she as a mother still can’t overcome. She said her son was co-pilot in the car of a friend, who was drunk driving. “Following the accident my son lasted only six days, then he had a brain death.”

Another case was that of Tilcia Fragueiro, a 911 paramedic who shared her everyday life experience since she has witnessed numerous accidents. But there is one that she always remembers: «it happened at a bus stop on December 8. Some few people were waiting for the bus to spend Mother’s Day with their family, but their destination was another; a drunk driver ended their lives. At the moment we got there, the first thing we saw were the gifts scattered around on the floor and three people dead, including a child.»

Young people present were highly receptive to the testimonies and the organizers ended up satisfied and in the mood to repeat the activity next year.

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