The Director of Research and Entrepreneurship at Monterrey Institute of Technology visits the City of Knowledge

On Wednesday the 6th of July the City of Knowledge Foundation received the visit of Dr. Francisco Cantú, Director of Research and Entrepreneurship at the Monterrey Institute of Technology.

Dr. Cantú, who has a PHD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Edinburgh, in the UK, offered a lecture at the Executive Management meeting room, about Research and Entrepreneurship, to Directors and Managers of the Foundation.

During his visit, Dr. Cantú explained how the Monterrey Institute of Technology molds professionals to worry about their environment and communities in order to become citizens of the world, a concept that reflects the reality of our present environment. The result is to create a University that educates, generates knowledge and transforms this knowledge into social wellbeing.

The visit is part of the relationship strengthening process between the City of Knowledge Foundation and the Monterrey Institute of Technology, which already includes programs in Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship that will continue to grow after this meeting.

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