Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

The City of Knowledge will be the educational host of the Jazz Festival

The City of Knowledge Foundation is proud to be part this year of the organization of the Panama Jazz Festival. Between the 16 and 20 of January, the Ateneo, the Training and Business Center and the Convention Center will host hundreds of people at concerts, workshops, clinics and auditions that will be held inside our campus.

The 9th edition of the PJF offers plenty of educational events including musical instrument classes, improvisation, composition, music therapy, yoga for musicians, jazz, classical music, Panamanian folklore and music history, amongst other, as well as master classes dictated by renowned national and international musicians, in which people from different countries and of all ages, educational levels and origins will participate, and thus create a great exchange environment.

The City of Knowledge will also host the auditions that are organized by the festival for scholarships in well-known schools such as the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, the New England Conservatory, Golandsky Piano Institute and the Puerto Rican Music Conservatory.

The Festival will also offer magnificent evening concerts at the Ateneo.

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