The City of Knowledge Foundation wins the 4th Mixed Football League

The City of Knowledge Foundation was proclaimed champion of the 4th Mixed Football League which was played in the fields of the Kiwanis Sports City, last Thursday June 2nd. With a display of effective football, the City of Knowledge defeated CISCA FC by a 2 to 0 margin and was therefore crowned as the sole champion amongst the 18 teams that participated in the tournament.

With a goal in each half of the match, City of Knowledge defeated a great team that ended up deserving more but was stopped by an authentic wall as the goalkeeper frustrated every chance. The audience was able to witness a great match and a great event, which attracted all sorts of people who joined in the celebration.

After the game an award ceremony took place where the Futurad squad and the Red Cross team received the fourth and third place respectively after the later one defeated the first 1 to 0.  CISCA FC got the second place trophy and the City of Knowledge Foundation celebrated the championship.  The gathering was held until 10:00 p.m. where the public was able to enjoy beverages, food and music.  

The Foundation wishes to thank all the teams that participated in this wonderful tournament and expects everybody next year in order to keep up this splendid tradition that joins plenty of campus users. 

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