The City of Knowledge Foundation visits Presidio

Three members of the City of Knowledge Foundation (FCdS) team visited the Presidio of San Francisco (USA), an old military base that has been converted to a park within the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.  Presidio is administered by an agency of the United States Federal Government (Presidio Trust) in coalition with the National Parks Service and with the collaboration of the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy NGO.

Its old barracks are now being occupied by entities such as the San Francisco Film Center, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Lucasfilm Ltd., the Walt Disney Family Museum, the Exploratorium museum offices and many other companies and NGOs.   The trip had the objective of getting to know the Presidio Trust experience in the restructuring and management of the old military base.  During the visit, the members of the FCdS had the opportunity of giving a presentation about the City of Knowledge to the Presidio Trust Directive. The members of the FCdS had meetings with people of diverse work areas focused on: the design and execution of the Presidio Master Plan, the conservation and highlighting of the importance of its cultural, historical and natural patrimony, the restoration of the historic flora and archeology of the site, the waste management and recycling system, the creation of a new Visitor Center, and the initiative of converting Presidio in a national center for innovation and leadership.  It was of great interest for both parties to be able to share visions, challenges and similar experiences.   For more information about Presidio you can visit its website: 

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