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The City of Knowledge Foundation visits Caterpillar installations in the United States

Isabel Donato, Project Manager for the Academic Department of the City of Knowledge Foundation, visited the installations of the Caterpillar Company in Miami and Illinois.

The trip to the Caterpillar installations in Miami focused in observing the function of the Miami Skills Acquisition Center (MSAC), as well as visits to the administrative offices, the coordination and logistics office, and the parts and pieces storage and distribution center for Latin America.

In Peoria, Illinois, the visit to the Edwards Demo Area Center resulted in a tour and various presentations, including one of the City of Knowledge Foundation to Caterpillar directives and executives.  The Edwards Center is important in order to learn about the operation that Cat will develop soon in Panama. Besides, visits to the Cat Foundation, the Administration Building, the Illinois Central College, the Learning Center and the Technological Investigation Center in Mossville were carried out. All of this was complemented by an interesting tour of the Mapleton Foundry and the Assembly Center.

The visit had the objective of reaffirming the relationship between the City of Knowledge Foundation and Caterpillar, as well as getting to know the diverse installations of this company whose Research and Capacitation Center is affiliated to the City of Knowledge Project. 

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