The City of Knowledge Ateneo celebrates its first year Anniversary

Sleeping during 14 years, the old Clayton movie theatre (built in 1935) is today the City of Knowledge Ateneo, which celebrated its first year anniversary last October. The Ateneo is a project that was conceived inside the framework of the cultural policy of the City of Knowledge Foundation, making it a part of the historical buildings recovery that the Urban Development Master Plan of the area contemplates.

The City of Knowledge Ateneo is a modern space that at the same time preserves its historical and architectonical value. An auditorium equipped with the latest in audiovisual technology, that has held concerts, conferences, trainings, seminars and presentations.

During its first year the Ateneo at the City of Knowledge has offered a variety programming where the most prestigious cultural, scientific and artistic organizations have offered their cultural, educative and entertainment activities for the benefit of the City of Knowledge users and the Panamanian community.

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