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The Caterpillar Panama Facility Celebrated its 5 Year Anniversary

On June 1st the Caterpillar Panama Facility celebrated its fifth-year anniversary.  Proud employees participated in a series of activities that were held each day beginning on May 30th and ending with the quarterly All Employee Meeting dedicated to the facility’s anniversary.  The highlight event during the week was the recognition of the first Panamanian employee hired at the facility (Tulany Barrow) and the award of the first five-year service pin to a Caterpillar Panamanian employee.

A series of advertisements were published on June 1 in the local newspaper celebrating Caterpillar’s presence in Panama and its involvement in creating job opportunities, community sustainable support and a long lasting relationship with the government of Panama.   The final event took place during the facility’s quarterly AEM on Saturday, June 4th, where close to 200 employees gathered on to celebrate the facility’s 5th anniversary.  A buffet breakfast was offered and gifts to employees were raffled.  The meeting included presentations and videos of the facility accomplishments during these past 5 years.  

About the Panama Facility
Caterpillar Panama began operations on June 1, 2006. On May 2008, Caterpillar and the Government of Panama signed an agreement were Caterpillar acquired 100 hectares (approx. 250 acres) of land where the Panama Demonstration and Learning Center is currently under construction.   With this acquisition Caterpillar will continue to promote the capabilities and value of Cat products and services, allowing us to develop close and lasting relationship with our customers in the Latin America region.  

Today, the facility has over 200 employees and is host to ten business units.  Caterpillar Panama is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Commerce in Panama (AMCHAM), the Panama Pacific Special Agency and the City of Knowledge.

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