Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

The Ateneo says farewell to Matthew Jansen Giraldo

In a special classical music night, as a gesture of saying farewell to Matthew Jansen Giraldo who has been granted a scholarship to study music at the University of the Pacific in California, the Ateneo vibrated with another spectacular concert.

The night of August 16 will be remembered for a unique recital in which Matthew Jansen Giraldo, with the clarinet, and Ana Teresa Pedrosová, with the piano, offered an impeccable presentation amongst a great audience that crowded the Ateneo at the City of Knowledge.  The frolicking between the clarinet and the piano invoked a melodic fantasy in which the young stars showed off their virtuosity as players that view their instruments as an extension of their body and mind.

Violoncellist Carlos A. Alvarado joined the duo to interpret a Beethoven piece when they had already marveled the audience with pieces of Von Weber and Debussy.  The concert, filled with highs and lows, transported the audience from frenzy to calmness and vice versa, leaving a great impression of the talent that these young musicians have.

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