The Art University Ganexa presents the first school of Cinema in Panama

With the aim of promoting the development and training of human resources in the local and Central American film industry, the Art University Ganexa presents two new innovative and high-quality educational options at the City of Knowledge, the degree in Cinematographic Arts and the degree in Image and Sound Design, which are part of the new School of Audiovisual Arts of Ganexa.

With the opening of these two new careers in the country, we seek to promote in Panama a key sector such as the creative industries and support the academic and professional training of human resources that can perform in professions related to these industries.

It is important to point out that the faculty of these new careers is made up of highly qualified international professors.

For more information about these degrees please contact:

Derek Prim
Press – Universidad del Arte Ganexa 223-9140 / 264-6949 / 264-3961

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