Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Teachers of Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica carry out an educational internship in Panama

On the initiative of the OEI, organization based at the City of Knowledge, and with the aim of promoting an educational exchange, teachers from Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama conducted internships from July 30 to August 3.

Belia Aguilar (Honduras), Eréndira Calderón (Costa Rica), Silvio Tamariz (Nicaragua) and Yira Sánchez (Panama), visited different educational centers of the countries mentioned before where they had the chance to experience inclusive practices and highlight their own experience.

In Panama the schools visited were: Roberto F. Chiari, Stella Sierra at Arraiján, Professional and Technical Institute of La Chorrera – IPTCH; José María Barranco, and IPHE Panama West extension.

Interns were accompanied by representatives of MEDUCA, through the National Center for Special Education, IPHE and OEI personnel, through the Institute for Development and Educational Innovation (IDIE).

This activity is conducted with the aim of improving education in our region where students with special educational needs, associated or not with a disability, receive a quality and equal opportunity education.

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