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TCU Ranch Management Program Seminar

On Thursday, November 15, a seminar/workshop on the Ranch Management Program of Texas Christian University (TCU) was held at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

The seminar began with welcoming remarks by Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation, who thanked the speakers and participants present from the agricultural sector. Professor Arosemena highlighted the relationship with the University of TCU, which will provide safe actions to strengthen the agricultural sector in the country, the region and the world.

Dr. Diógenes Cordero, of the University of Panama, expressed his satisfaction in being able to share knowledge with TCU for the benefit of the agricultural sector of Panama, and explained that the University of Panama is strengthened by these activities.

Dr. Bonnie Melhart, Associate Provost, and Dean of University Programs for TCU, shared the importance of the Ranch Management Program. She stated that it is a noble profession to be feeding people and since everyday there are more people in the world they need to do it better. Dr. Melhart was proud to share the Program with all the participants since it is a global society and marketplace.

The Deputy Minister of Agricultural Development of MIDA, Gerardino Batista, said that it is a great pleasure to share a moment where a prestigious university of the U.S. offers its expertise and services in favor of Panamanian Agriculture. He also mentioned that the big challenge of the agricultural sector is to feed, in 2050, more than 9 billion people, and that the great weapon that we have is the knowledge that initiatives like this generate.

The seminar continued with the conference: Productivity and Income of a company dedicated to Pasture-Based Livestock Feeding, by Dr. Jeffrey Geider of TCU, followed by a summary of the Ranch Management Program.

The Ranch Management Program at TCU provides professional training to meet the challenges of the dynamic and rapidly changing careers associated with agricultural resource management. In the past several decades, career opportunities for agricultural resource managers have rapidly expanded to include not only ranch management but such diverse areas including commodity investment, agricultural marketing, and international agricultural trade.

After the seminar an interactive workshop was conducted on five themes: Cattle Marketing, Human Resource Management, Panama: Agricultural Services Platform for Latin America, Financial Services and Investment in Livestock and Agriculture, and Education and Outreach.

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