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Taking control of ICT

The departments of information technology, or systems, tend to have under control the technical aspects of operations. Not so, however, the management of that technology. In todays world the technology department is not only synonymous with that which makes the business work behind the scenes, but it is also expected that they provide support for the business with innovation. From there comes its complexity.  Some signs that the IT department is not under control are: large number of dissatisfied users, technology does not grow at the same speed as the business, poor compliance deadlines, few resources, quality of service problems, reactive operation, widespread demotivation and staff rotations.

Under this scenario of chaos, Engineer Min Chen, Principal Consultant of Alcenit Corporation, presented on July 18, a route to excellence in the form of five basic steps to take control of the complexity that requires a global IT operation. The conference entitled » Technology Management: Complexity controlled» was held at the Panama Business Accelerator (AEP) in the City of Knowledge. Those present heard about the technology trends that are putting pressure for change in the level and type of skills that is required of technology managers. The 21st Century Chief Information Officer (CIO) must have a key strategic knowledge and skills in architecture and engineering of systems, ability to work with suppliers and develop the ability to manage project portfolios.

Engineer Min Chen is an experienced process consultant in the area of technology with ​​specialization in improvement, measurement and process analysis, outsourcing projects and software engineering methodologies. She has helped organizations in the U.S., Germany, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Panama, to achieve their performance goals and savings through technology. She holds a Master Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Panama. She is currently part of the Distinguished Visitor Program of Computer Society of IEEE and has lectured on issues of technology process, software engineering and information security in several countries in Latin America and the United States, in English, Spanish, Chinese and Cantonese.

Alcenit Corporation is a Panamanian company founded in 2006, specializing in technology management, and Partner of the Software Engineering Institute of Carnegie Mellon University. Alcenit advises and trains organizations on strategic Information Technology: CMMI and other quality frameworks, strategies for acquisition of products and services, software engineering, software architecture, information security, innovation and IT alignment.

The City of Knowledge Business Accelerator (AEP) is a space where the competitive maturity process of dynamic business undertakings is facilitated and accelerated mainly through leverage of contacts, and other support value-added services. Bridges are created between entrepreneurs and business people, investors and other players, providing ways to boost business undertakings.

CONTACT INFORMATION: Rolando Armuelles Velarde Business Development Manager Alcenit Corporation 507-317-0820

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