Sustainable buildings presentation to ISTHMUS students

As part of the Sustainability Policy of the City of Knowledge Foundation, the Infrastructure and Service Department (DIS) gave a presentation to students of the ISTHMUS Architectural and Design School, within the context of its educational program, in order to inform them about the features that make the new constructions of the City of Knowledge into sustainable buildings.

The different types of LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certifications and categories were explained, as well as the importance to start building in a sustainable manner. The presentation also focused on the requirements necessary to achieve credits in order to register a building as LEED.

After the presentation, ISTHMUS students had the opportunity to visit the new sustainable constructions at the City of Knowledge such as the Commercial Plaza and the Dormitories.

Any group of students interested in participating in this educational program please contact Gloriela Atencio: 306-3738 /

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