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Sustainability presentation to USMA students

Students of the School of Architecture of the USMA University participated in a presentation on sustainability dictated by the Infrastructure and Service Department of the City of Knowledge Foundation, on Tuesday, February 7, at the Digital Classroom inside the Convention Center.

Tomas Paredes, Infrastructure and Service Director, explained that the concept of sustainability embraces a balance between economic, social and environmental aspects. He further stressed that there must be a culture change, an attitude change and therefore a change of heart, because there are more economic activities that are unsustainable every day, which have a negative impact that escalate to social problems. During his presentation he elaborated on specific suggestions that can be deployed to carry out a more sustainable life: how to check our levels of consumption, improve efficiency in the way we move around, applying concepts of reducing, reusing and recycling, and much more. It is very important to know, he stressed, that growth alone is not sustainable, there has to be a balance.

Engineer Paredes also explained the elements and criteria to be considered in order to build a sustainable community. According to him, it is very convenient, when constructing, to select previously developed sites, keep as much open space, preserve agricultural and ecological areas, design with nature, build communities that are well connected and with easy access to parks, schools, businesses and others. He also pointed that the City of Knowledge Foundation is well aware of how to manage the environmental impacts related to the constructions performed. These include new buildings (commercial plaza and dormitories) that have been submitted for LEED certification for excellence in design and sustainable construction.

Alessa Stabile, Sustainable Project Manager for the City of Knowledge Foundation, spoke on «Development and building process of a construction that aspires for a LEED v.03 certification”.  She focused on the environmental, economic, security, health, and community life that makes a green building and how a project is registered for LEED certification with the number of mandatory requirements and voluntary credits that award points for such purpose.

Architect Myriam Calvo, Planning and Development Manager, spoke about the various projects of new buildings at the City of Knowledge and the stages at which they are. She stressed the fact that all the constructions carried out within the campus, are, and will be registered for LEED certification. The presentation to the architecture students ended with a visit to the new sustainable buildings at the City of Knowledge such as the Commercial Plaza and the Dormitories.

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