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Successful LEED Projects in Panama and national funding mechanisms

On Friday, September 28, the Forum – Conversation: Successful LEED Projects in Panama and national funding mechanisms, organized by the Panama Green Building Council, took place at the City of Knowledge Convention Center.

The forum began with welcoming words by architect Gustavo Arango, President of the Board of Trustees of the PanamaGBC, who explained that this major event takes place once a year and whose primary role is to shed light into certain issues important to the transformation of sustainable urban development. He also mentioned that the City of Knowledge has the largest LEED project in Panama.

Engineer Roberto Forte Taylor, Executive Director of the PanamaGBC, mentioned that this event seeks to understand the current state of sustainability in the construction sector. He explained that LEED is a certification system for sustainable buildings that will allow us to combat the indiscriminate use of natural resources by encouraging our health.

After that the Conversation initiated with the participation of Mr. Roberto Alfaro, former President of APEDE, Mr. Raul Preciado, from the Banco General, and Professor Jorge Arosemena, Executive Director of the City of Knowledge Foundation.

The panelists took the opportunity to document their experiences in relation to their LEED certified projects. For his part, Professor Arosemena explained that one of the first decisions was to develop a Master Plan that would keep all of the campus green areas, while an international design competition was held so that the future buildings are environmentally healthy. Today, LEED certified buildings such as the Dormitories, the Knowledge Plaza, and the new buildings of the Panama Research Institute of Science and Medicine (PRISM), are being constructed.

After a Q & A session with the participation of the panelists and audience members, the Panama Green Building Council presented certificates to their new affiliate members. The event continued with a networking session.

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