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Strategic Alliance between MEDUCA and Albatros Media Foundation

Albatros Media Foundation and MEDUCA (Ministry of Education), signed an agreement stating that the educational entities of the Ministry will be able to use the programs that the Foundation produces inside its classrooms, as well as the educational material to support teachers, students, libraries, seminars or audiovisual exhibitions, inside their radio and TV shows.

With the presence of the Minister of Education, Lucy Molinar, and Alejandro Balaguer, General Director of the Albatros Media Foundation, the agreement was signed inside the installations of the Ministry of Education, Building 6523, A Salon, on June 29 at 9:00 a.m. Albatros Media, with the objective of improving the quality of live and education in Latin America and the Caribbean, develops “Miradas de Esperanza” which includes 3 television campaigns a year with shows like: “Al Natural” and “Nuestra America”, that have attractive spots and reports.  This way it offers a unique and useful perspective by showing the reality and environmental, social and cultural challenges that can improve the quality of life in any country, thus making sure the people are more informed and that way making significant short and long term changes.

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