Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Stefano Zannini, new General Coordinator for Doctors Without Borders

Last August 24, 2011, Stefano Zannini, of great experience in humanitarian help, became the new General Coordinator for the Emergency Office in Latin America and the Caribbean of Doctors Without Frontiers, located inside the City of Knowledge.

Doctors Without Frontiers is an independent humanitarian medical aid organization that brings help to populations in precarious situations and victims of human or natural related catastrophes or armed conflicts victims, without discriminating by race, religion or political ideology. According to Stefano there is a great advantage in being in a country like Panama and also inside a place like the City of Knowledge. “Being here – he explains -, is really good because it is a country that offers the opportunity to interact with other humanitarian and cooperation agencies, it allows the possibility of being physically connected with them and exchange ideas and learn. Besides, it is a pretty stable country that is not very exposed to natural catastrophes which allows us to move from here to other zones in an easy and fast way”.  He also mentions that the City of Knowledge offers the advantage of “being in some sort of laboratory where there is a lot of reflection, knowledge, wisdom and experience, which makes it easy to have a rapid access to any information that might be important to us”. Right now Doctors Without Borders is working on the monitoring and response to emergencies in Latin America and the Caribbean, be it catastrophes like tropical storms, hurricanes and earthquakes or epidemics or anything related to violence. For Stefano, Doctors Without Frontiers “represents the opportunity to do a job that goes according to what I think because it is an organization that allows me to help others.  It also gives me the opportunity to be really close to complicated places regarding violence, natural disasters or epidemics, and help the poor and vulnerable to have access to health and dignified life conditions”.

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