Respuesta de Ciudad del Saber ante la Covid-19

Social Media Day Panama at the City of Knowledge

Inside an interactive environment, favorable for the occasion, and with a magnificent attendance, Social Media Day Panama 2011 was held at the Convention Center inside the City of Knowledge.

The event, which celebrated technological progress in social networks, offered an interactive platform to all the participants that were part of the interesting conferences throughout the day.  Very creative dialogue was generated about the rising wave of people, and companies, that are focusing on the social media phenomenon and the importance of knowing if the message that is aimed to be transmitted, through a social network, is reaching its desired destiny with its proposed goal.

Social Media Day clarified that transparency in social networks is fundamental; the perfect company no longer exist.  Businesses that are looking to have a respectable digital presence inside the market must know that the truly importance of it is to be influential. It doesn’t matter how many followers a person, brand or business has, but the impact that the information has on the people.  And this exchange of information constitutes the basis of all social networks.

In the social network world there is a possibility of interacting with many people; individuals that perhaps don’t know an entity exists until it decides to release its opinions and be at the mercy of a world that is listening more every day.  The era of big companies speaking and people listening is over; now the people have a voice and its through social medias where it will be heard.

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