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SIT Panamá receives students from the United States

The School for International Training (SIT) in Panamá, located at building 347b at the City of Knowledge, received last Wednesday, August 31, thirteen students from thirteen universities in the U.S. as part of their study abroad program.

The students come to study Panamanian ecosystems, how the rural communities affect and interact with these ecosystems and how Macro-politics of State affect the conservation of the Panamanian environment.  Inside their academic program the students explore how these three subjects combine and produce the Panamanian environmental and social reality in which we live in.

The students will also travel to communities such as Loma Bonita (to the north of El Copé), Purio in Los Santos, Boca Chica at the Gulf of Chiriquí and the Bocas del Toro province to Naso-Teribe territory.  Besides travelling to these communities they will participate in diverse ecology curses in National Parks and emblematic places like Barro Colorado Island, the Smithsonian Marine Investigation Station in Bocas del Toro and the EARTH University in Guápiles, Costa Rica.

These trips allow the students to experiment rural and agricultural life, let them get acquaintance with the Panamanian “farmer culture”, show them farmer life in marine-coastal areas, organic agriculture and how some mega projects have affected the environment in some places; all of this with the objective of finding real and feasible solutions for the country.

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