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Signing of the Cooperation Agreement between AROC – FCDS

Monday, October 1st, at the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator, marked the signing of a cooperation agreement between AROC Panama, represented by Maria Gilma Arrocha, and the City of Knowledge Foundation, represented by its Executive Director, Jorge Arosemena.

AROC is the first Panamanian Law Firm completely specialized in Intellectual Property – legal, business and creative advice for projects and entrepreneurs in Panama. Besides they are a young, dynamic and trustworthy company, with an actual view of the world commerce, with a clear perspective on the position of Panama within the mercantile trade, as well as the foreign investment possibilities in the Panamanian territory.

According to María Gilma Arrocha «one of the reasons for the existence of Intellectual Property is to assist innovation, and we expect to attend all entrepreneurs in this great business incubator in Panama from our office within the City of Knowledge Business Accelerator».

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