Professional Training for Software Architects culminates at the City of Knowledge

The City of Knowledge Holiday Inn served as the location of the first public workshop on Software Architecture in Panama, held on August 16 and 17, and organized by Alcenit Corporation, an affiliate of the City of Knowledge International Technopark. The workshop was dictated by instructor Engineer Jaime Oviedo Silva, MSE, and participants learned how and when to transition successfully into the paradigms of SOA and BPM.

Just as urban experts try to arrange the growth of cities, when you build or integrate computer systems software architects need to have a high-level view of the components that make up these systems. The importance of software architecture is that it includes the first decisions made when designing a new system. They are the most critical and most difficult to change later, so they require both personnel and suitable suppliers, and good communication with everyone involved.

In addition to presenting an introduction to software architecture and concepts such as enterprise architecture, middleware, BPM and SOA, Mr. Oviedo presented success stories and lessons learned in large computer projects, including supplier management, procurement, and methodological aspects to ensure success in large-scale technology projects. Subjects were subsequently developed in detail, culminating in a practical demonstration of definition and implementation of a software architecture using computer tools.

Engineer Oviedo is a Senior Software Architect who has over ten years experience in managing large IT projects in Latin America and the U.S. He is currently IT Manager of one of the biggest software development projects in Latin America at the Ministry of Finance in Chile. He holds a Masters Degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, CMMI certified and expert in BPM, SOA, designing IT strategies, IT governance, implementation of CMMI, the Team Software Process (TSP), software risk management, application security and software architecture.

Alcenit Corporation, a Panamanian company located at the City of Knowledge International Technopark, was founded in 2006 and specializes in technology management. They are also Partner of the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) of Carnegie Mellon University. Alcenit advises on strategic issues for organizations to obtain the expected value of their investment in ICT.

Contact Information:

Rolando Armuelles Velarde

Business Development Manager

Alcenit Corporation


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